Zimbabwe Cricket Takes Leading Role in Promoting Childhood Cancer Awareness

The Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) has broken the ground with a leading role in promoting childhood cancer awareness by dedicating the second One Day International match between the 2023 World Cup hosts India and Zimbabwe (Chevrons) to KidzCan Zimbabwe.

The match which was streamed live on local and international channels was a huge pinnacle from which the story of the voiceless child in Parirenyatwa A4 Special ward for cancer was told.

It is from this stage that the cry of that boy, for chemotherapy drugs, bus fare, scans, and nutrition was taken to every corner of the world.

Receiving a Chevrons jersey signed by the players as well as one of the match balls, Kidzcan Zimbabwe board chair Dave Mills was appreciative of the generous gesture of the ZCU on bringing issues affecting children suffering

from cancer and made a clarion call to the nation to join hands in taming the childhood cancer scourge.

“Sport can play a huge role in bringing awareness to the world. It is a real game changer and today the voice of the voiceless has been amplified, not just to Zimbabwe but to the entire world. We want to see more of this and we are grateful to the ZCU,” said Mills.

Also present to receive the match ball was Harare-based, 6-year-old Takunda Muguwi, a retinoblastoma (eye-cancer) survivor who from birth had cancer in both eyes which was only diagnosed at 5 months. This later resulted in total visual impairment.

Through the hands of KidzCan Zimbabwe, he went through chemotherapy and was ushered into remission 2 years ago.

It is survivors like him that energize KidzCan Zimbabwe.

Seeing the Chevrons battle it out with mighty India in a field with the KidzCan boundary boards smiling back to the ecstatic fans was reassuring and refreshing, especially to a world that knows little about childhood cancer.

The match came at a time when KidzCan Zimbabwe is preparing for September Gold, the month for celebrating childhood cancer awareness.

A lot of people have no idea about childhood cancer, also known as paediatric cancer.

The two boundary boards located on the strategic 6s corner were conspicuous with a clear message that early detection and treatment are key in the endeavour to raise the survival rate to 60% by 2030, a message that is the core of the Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer (GICC).

Currently, in low to medium-income countries, it is around 20% as opposed to 80% in the core countries.

To know that we can join hands, increase survival rate, and be joined at this level by the sporting world is a huge milestone for KidzCan Zimbabwe.

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