US$80,546 for KidzCan to Save Lives

KidzCan has received us$80 546 from Husqvarna, proceeds from the 10th anniversary Mudrun event held on the 9th of April, meant to provide services such as clinical care, advocacy and case management for childhood cancer patients.

Speaking at the event KidzCan Zimbabwe Board Chairman Dave Mills assured delegates that the money would be put to good use as KidzCan is a transparent and accountable organisation.

“There is a lot of corruption around this world, please be assured that the funds will be put to good use, we are very transparent, with our board constituted of competent people.

We also consistently have auditors coming through to sift through our books,” said Mills.

KidzCan provides services that include chemotherapy drugs, CT and MRI Scans, prosthetics, admission and discharge packs. Provision of transport allowances is another critical service that ensures patients do not miss their appointments.

KidzCan Executive Director Daniel Mckenzie also added that the money will further augment resources towards childhood cancer support.

“Treatment for cancer is spread over many years and months. It therefore requires support such as bus fares to ensure patients do not default.

When they come, we offer admission packs because they do not know how long they are going to be in hospital.

“Often they just bring what they have so we have to support them with basics.

“I often say a mother in Binga should be able to know the word retinoblastoma even without being able to pronounce it. This way, she can then be in a position to refer early to health facilities.  Children respond better to treatment of cancer, so early detection is the best protection. No child should die of cancer,” he said.

The handover ceremony held at the KidzCan offices drew 30 corporate representatives and members of the media fraternity.

Mackenzie thanked Husqvarna Mudrun organiser Grant Mitchell for coming up with such a kind idea and took time to present gifts to Grant Mitchell, Natasha Rusch who administers the event and Husqvarna, represented by the Director Eric Philip.

Mitchell said he was proud to be associated with KidzCan Zimbabwe due to the transparency and accountability in the organisation and promised to continue supporting KidzCan Zimbabwe in future.

“We have supported KidzCan with up to a quarter a million United States dollars in the past 10 years,”

“We are very confident of KidzCan and have enjoyed working with them over the years due to the transparency and accountability they have always shown.

“With this support, we are sure that KidzCan will save more lives. We will keep on supporting them because their mandate is to save lives and they are doing just that,” said Mitchell.

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