Unforgettable Day in A4 Special Ward for Childhood Cancer.


Christmas arrived early for the kids when Santa Claus turned up elegantly dressed in his famed red and white attire, bell in hand, making his grand presence felt through the clicking sound of the bell. With team KidzCan in tow, trolley full of goodies he announced his arrival.

“A very good morning to you all, Father Christmas is in town,’ he quipped.

The sombre atmosphere in A4 Special ward at Parirenyatwa Hospital began to melt away as the grim reality that the occupants of the hospital are accustomed to, made way for the warmth that only Christmas can bring.

Like leaves falling off a tree on a windy day, sadness disappeared.

Earlier I had had the privilege to chat with him.

‘No child should miss out on Christmas goodies simply because they are hospitalized,’ he said.

Thanks to Kate and Kelvin Shadwell from Sealachem Zimbabwe and her team, and several other partners, an assortment of groceries and many other kinds of stuff for kids, the bin bags were full.

Their faces beamed with joy as they received paper bags, one for the child and another for the parent/caregiver. It was certainly a day to remember for the whole ward, housing 35 patients and another 35 caregivers. Add to that those in the outpatient ward. The foodstuffs were enough to even extend to A5 Ward.

 What a surprise!

When you are in hospital, you always become familiar with the usual routine of nurses and doctors going about their business. In such circumstances receiving gifts is least expected.

Today was different as the presence of Father Christmas brought warmth in the corridors leaving everyone smiling, and setting the mood high.

Seeing well-wishers join in, helping Father Christmas in the distribution of the hampers was special.

It was priceless to see how the children cherished the teddies, part of which had come through from Ruzawi School in Marondera.

“Thank you for remembering me and my son.

“It is my third week in hospital with Sean who has leukaemia.”

The jovial Mr. Moyo said he was happy taking care of his child in hospital as his wife was home nursing their 3-month-old baby.

The 2022 Christmas handout was a special one as it marked the post-Covid 19 handout.

 The last few years have been shades below due to the restrictions COVID-19.

Thanks to Ginkosi Ziweni from Mishma and Noma Chirandu for their contribution to this event.

Team KidzCan is grateful to all partners and donors for making this day a success by putting a smile on the faces of our children.

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