2023 Agricultural Show Exhibition

The 2023 Agriculture Show, came into life on 25 August running for 6 days under the theme “Productivity,

Adaptation, and Linkages” KidzCan Awareness Team was there in full force disseminating information through the distribution of
flyers and one-on-one conversations with those who passed through the stand. The central message was that children do get cancer
and they can survive it. The KidzCan team created a virtual setup, showcasing the work of the organisation starting on the right with the
Rainbow Children’s Village (RCV) and the work that goes on there. The centre panel showed survivors, KidzCan staff, and caregivers.

The left had the mission, vision statement, fundraising activities, and the retinoblastoma banner. A major highlight of the week-long event was the presence
at the show of Charmaine (16) a leukemia cancer survivor.

Many people were surprised to see her live at the show. It was noted that generally, people do not know that Kids get cancer. KidzCan Nurse and Health
Coordinator Charity Kawadza echoed the objectives of the WHO’s Global Initiative do raise the childhood Cancer survival rate to 60% by 2030.
Zimbabwe is part of a low to middle-income economy that has a general survival rate of 20%. Through awareness campaigns, it is hoped that early detection                                                                                            and treatment will improve resulting in a reduction of the mortality rate.

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