Northside Community Church

Kidzcan has Christian roots, the founding member, Andrea Whatman attends NCC and the church has contributed tremendously in the growth of the organisation. It is a strong base of volunteers as well as a spiritual foundation due to the prayer chains that keeps oiling the organisation. Kidzcan is grateful to be regular beneficiaries of donations from Northside Community Church Community members both in cash and in kind.

STARS Foundation

This is an international foundation specialising in grants. Beginning 2014, it awarded Kidzcan with a non-restricted grant to carry out the work of supporting the Ministry of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe in paediatric oncology management in Zimbabwe. The funds from this foundation have been utilised for implementing the Kidzcan strategy.

Global Giving

An international organisation awarding regular grants which are non-restricted and have been useful in funding clinical services as well as supportive services including provision of prosthetics, transport money and counselling.


The African Palliative Care Association gave Kidzcan a grant to overhaul the M & E System including development of case management tools. Palliative Care is a major component of case management and is part of the 2015-2018 Kidzcan Strategy.

TEAR Australia

Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaigns have resulted in more children being registered with Kidzcan thanks to the grant from this foundation. By the end of 2016, Kidzcan will have covered all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe doing early detection workshops. .


A psychosocial organisation which funds activities concerning psychosocial specifically for low-resource settings. The money from this organisation has assisted Kidzcan hold weekly parent/caregiver support group meetings which have empowered families with children suffering from cancer come to terms with the condition and necessary lifestyle changes.

Europ Car

This is a local car company donating cash to the organisation on a regular basis, they have been affiliated with Kidzcan since 2010.

Toyota Zimbabwe

This is a local car company which donates cash monthly which contributes to sourcing and payment of chemotherapy drugs.

Old Mutual

A local insurance company which has been supportive financially towards empowering the nation through awareness campaigns and trainings through Kidzcan.

Meikles Foundation

A trust initiated by Thomas Meikles to assist those in need, identified and awarded Kidzcan a monthly grant to assist in programs management.


A local company which donated a Hyundai car for the day to day activities which is being used to go into the field as well as outreach services.

Strauss Logistics

A local transport company which donates cash to the organisation contributing to the activities leading to paediatric cancer management.

Delta Corporation

A local beverage company which assists Kidzcan financially and in fundraising activities.


A local beverages company which donates refreshments regularly, being used for parent/caregiver support groups and conferences.


A boutique in Newlands meeting its quota of monthly responsibilities, donates to Kidzcan on a monthly basis and as and when the need arises.

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