Simbisa Brands partners KidzCan

Simbisa Brands, in a show of high corporate social responsibility has announced a partnership where they will donate USD0.50 to KidzCan Zimbabwe for every dessert purchased at their Buffalo Creek Spur outlet that will help support children suffering from cancer.

Speaking at the launch at Borrowdale Sam Village branch the managing Director Mr Warren Meares who was represented by Fortunate Mashonganyika the marketing manager, said it was their way of giving back to the community.

“As Simbisa Brands we seek to make a positive impact in our community. For this partnership we are saying for each dessert sale that is bought by a customer USD0.50 will be given to the KidzCan Zimbabwe fund.

This is also an opportunity to involve the community in supporting the organisation. Our aim as Simbisa is to positively influence the community we operate in.

We chose KidzCan Zimbabwe because it is one of the most professionally run organisations in Zimbabwe,” she said.

KidzCan Executive Director, Mr Daniel Mackenzie commended Simbisa Brands for coming up with such an innovative initiative whose proceeds will go a long way in helping children suffering from cancer.

This is especially so given that KidzCan Zimbabwe is largely sponsored locally.

“About 75% of our donations are locally generated, this therefore means everyone has a role to play,” he said.

He further implored the media to partner through the correct coverage of childhood cancer so that awareness is raised for such a worthy cause.

“Cancer in children can be treated if detected early. The reality today is that who you are and where you live could mean the difference between life and death. But we can change this and its time we changed this,” said Mackenzie.

He challenged the media to play their part in the Global Initiative on childhood Cancer to increase the survival rate of the 6 most common cancers to 60% by the year 2030.

The common cancers in children are eye cancer (retinoblastoma), cancer of the kidney (wilm’s tumour), blood cancer (leukaemia), cancer of the lymph node (lymphomas), cancer of the bones (bone cancer), neuroblastoma and cancer of the brain (brain tumour).

KidzCan Zimbabwe is a Humanitarian Child-Centered Private Voluntary Organisation dedicated to increasing the survival rate of children suffering from cancer and Blood disorders in Zimbabwe.

Ms Andria Whatman at Northside Community Church in Borrowdale founded the organisation together with Dr Mupanemunda in 2003 as Children’s Cancer Relief, after she herself had survived leukaemia. 

It was then registered in 2009 and is now known as KidzCan Zimbabwe. They have since grown to offer services at Parirenyatwa Hospital in A4 Special Ward dedicated for childhood cancer treatment.

KidzCan Zimbabwe also supports Sekuru Kaguvi Eye Unit in Parirenyatwa Hospital as well as Sally Mugabe Hospital formally known as Harare Central Hospital, and Mpilo Hospital.

They offer assistance in the form of bus fares, admission and discharge packs, assisting in diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy drugs, payments for Laboratory and Radiological Tests, provision of Eye Prosthesis, psychosocial support and nutritional support to vulnerable children suffering from cancer.

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