Rainbow Children’s Village

Our solution is to create a tranquil, clean home to shelter both the patient and their caregiver during and after treatment. RCV provides a holistic healing approach, including a recreational area and qualified staff to monitor the children. When completed, the shelter will house over 27 twin-bedded rooms plus additional communal living facilities, entertainment space, state-of-the-art kitchen, laundry and office space.

The overall architectural design takes inspiration from the Rainbow theme in a series of semicircular structures that aim to create sheltered central spaces for the children to play while concentrating on services. The structures are brightly coloured bringing joy to the children and reminding them of the rainbow colours. The windows and roofs also jump around to different heights breaking up the building and creating a fun place for the paediatric patients. The overall design idea was to improve health care through a series of building interventions that would lighten the mood while at the same time providing a protected place to rest and recover.


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