KidzCan says thank you to Bryden Country School

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” (John F Kednnedy)

Team KidzCan lived up to this statement on Friday with a visit at Bryden Country School on an appreciation Tour to thank the pupils for the Orange Month Donations.  KidzCan Executive Director Daniel Mackenzie was full of praise for the pupils for donating to children suffering from cancer.

“We want to thank you for your contributions which will go towards medication for the little boys and girls in hospital.

Today we want to say thank you by giving you a bandana because our kids in hospital wear a bandana when they are sick. We shave their heads because we do not want their hair to fall off.

A bandana means I am supporting a child who is suffering from cancer. Continue thinking of others and have a wonderful Orange Day,” said Mackenzie. Due to the side effects of chemotherapy sometimes hair falls off or becomes stunted.

He said Orange is the colour of choice due to its warm ambience. “Orange is a colour of hope, it is a happy colour,” said Mackenzie.

Even the plants at the school entrance wore orange as if to compliment the orange bandanas given to everyone as a token of appreciation.

The team was presented with cash and cards written by the pupils for the children admitted in A4 Special Ward at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

The ward takes 35 patients and these often travel long distances across the country for their chemotherapy cycles.

KidzCan supports them with free cancer drugs and bus fare for the kids and their guardians to ensure they do not miss their appointments at the hospital.

They are also supported with admission and discharge packs, diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy drugs, payments for laboratory and radiological tests, provision of eye prosthesis and psychosocial support.

75 % of the funding for KidsCan Zimbabwe comes from local initiatives.

This therefore means that everyone can make a difference through donations. No contribution is too small.

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