KidzCan on the shop floor

Village Walk Shopping Centre was a hive of activity on Saturday, 26 February, as the KidzCan team descended on Pick n Pay Borrowdale in Harare with a message of hope in a campaign trail that centred on bringing childhood cancer awareness to the community.

With the booth pitched at the entrance, shoppers had the opportunity to listen to a message that emphasised early detection and treatment on childhood cancer.

KidzCan Executive Director Mr Daniel Mackenzie addressed the media and encouraged the nation to mainstream childhood cancer so that people get to know that lives can be saved.

“We urge everyone to play their part in getting to know what childhood cancer is so that there is early detection and treatment. Cancer is cancer and children are children regardless of where they are born. They deserve a chance to fight,” said Mackenzie.

“The message of cancer is one for everyone as any child can be affected by any one of the cancers,” said Mackenzie.

Most shoppers expressed interest in the subject, as most did not know that children can suffer from cancer and be cured of it.

“The good thing is that cancer in children can be cured if detected early,” he said.

The occasion was marked by flier and pamphlet distribution and banners lined up on the foyer.

Several shoppers showed keen interest in supporting children with cancer and partook in the process by purchasing some merchandising material that included coffee mugs, water bottles, bandanas, rulers and stress balls.

Pick n Pay are supporting KidzCan through selling cupcakes whose proceeds will go towards children suffering from cancer.

KidsCan is the only humanitarian organisation in Zimbabwe dedicated to the treatment of children suffering from cancer.

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