Jet Stores Donates

Jet Stores has donated ZWL1 875 000 to KidzCan Zimbabwe to augment resources for the betterment of life for childhood cancer patients.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, KidzCan Zimbabwe Finance Manager Gift Marunda was appreciative of the kind gesture by Jet Stores.

“Thank you for thinking about the children, the funds will go a long way in helping KidzCan Zimbabwe fulfill its mandate.

“Our mandate is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from cancer and blood-related disorders in Zimbabwe. We want to ensure the utmost quality of life for children through the creation of a loving and caring environment.

Jet Stores coming in ensures that childhood cancer patients in Zimbabwe will benefit and this ties in well with the World Health Organisation (WHO) program, the Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer (GICC) on increasing survival rate to 60% by 2030,” said Marunda.

Jet Stores Marketing Manager Priscilla Nyawera said her organization would continue supporting initiatives that help children.

“As you might well know, we specialize in supplying clothes for children, we have children at heart.

“We want the nation to think of Jet Stores not just as a clothing brand but as part of a family, a caring brand.

We also want to be part of the Rainbow Children’s Village (RCV), we may not be able to take up a whole room, but we surely will see what opportunities we are there, maybe can provide bed and sheets or even paint a room,” said Nyawera.

In addition, Jet Managing Director Mbengeni Mabibi said as Jet Stores were ready to help KidzCan Zimbabwe in the fight against childhood cancer.

“We are aware that cancer comes with a lot of frustration to parents and caregivers when you find out you do not have enough resources, as Jet Stores we will continue to support.”

The RCV is a halfway house under construction at Belgravia Shopping Centre which will house children undergoing chemotherapy. It is being constructed in partnership with the Round Table KidzCan Zimbabwe and the Meikles Foundation.

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