It is possible to survive cancer!

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KidzCan Zimbabwe joined the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ) on 4 June in Survivors’ Day celebrations, a day that is set aside to celebrate cancer survivors, give inspiration to those recently diagnosed, and increase awareness.

Survivors, old and young came together in painting the mural, called the Tree of Life, a representation of how survivors maneuvered and navigated their way to fitness again after going through the various winding treatment protocol that includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

One after the other parents whose children survived cancer narrated their painful experiences.

“When my daughter Tanaka, was diagnosed with bone cancer it was really a big mountain to climb as no one in the family had experienced the disease before. Thank God today we celebrate success.

 I want to thank KidzCan for stepping in with support through scans, drugs, and many other things during this period as you know cancer treatment takes time.”

“Today’s event marks a huge milestone as we celebrate the healing of our children. I want to encourage those who are walking the same path that we once trod, and say just follow medical advice,” said an elated Edmore Chahwahwa.

 “I am happy my child was declared 100 percent fit in 2019 and now is living a normal life,” said another parent.

Twenty-one-year-old Jethro Mawire, who suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer until 2020 was all smiles as he narrated the joy of recovering from cancer. He went on to post 10 A’s at 0-Level and 20 points at A-Level and is currently waiting to start his Medicine degree at the University of Zimbabwe.

“Moving around with lumps on my body was a harrowing experience. I faced a lot of stigma because people did not understand cancer.”

“It however spurred me into working even harder in my academics and now I want to fight more so I can come back after graduation and heal the sick. Healing can be faster when someone who experienced the same feeling attends to you.”

To the champions in hospital, I want to say fight on… it is possible to overcome cancer.”

“KidzCan Zimbabwe really helped in a big way,” said Mawire.

KidzCan Zimbabwe health coordinator and nurse Charity Kawadza took the opportunity to facilitate the formation of a survivors’ group that will spearhead participation and coordination of activities to help childhood cancer patients.

“The group will help in giving support to parents and patients,” said Kawadza.

Survivors Day, normally held on the 5th  or the first Sunday in June is meant to honour cancer survivors, an opportunity for cancer patients to celebrate their milestones in the fight against cancer and recognise those who have supported them along the way, and ramp up support against the challenges cancer survivors face.

Furthermore, it is meant to encourage those still battling cancer and show families that surviving cancer is possible.

KidzCan Zimbabwe also received a painting from St John’s interact club, a painting of hope that will be displayed in the office.

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