History of the MUD RUN

The Husqvarna Mud Run is a fun, charity based event for anyone willing to get Down & Dirty for charity (KidzCan). This is what it’s all about… The Husqvarna Mud Run brings the community together in support of an amazing cause. KidzCan Zimbabwe will receive 100% of the proceeds from the event. Come out on Saturday, 6 April 2024 and get dirty in the name of charity

The journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. In 2012, Grant Mitchell came up with an idea to do something good to make a difference in the community. A decade later the Mudrun has raised a whopping us$80 546 for KidzCan Zimbabwe in the 2022 anniversary edition.

“Our journey as the Mudrun which essentially is an event that brings families together, just for a fun day out under the Zimbabwean sun and dirt, started in 2012. “Initially we had no idea who was going to come and who was crazy enough to spend the morning in the mud but people came down,” said Mitchell. In 2013, the wheels of Mitchell’s idea started rolling, raising us$600 in the process. Subsequent years went on to raise us$800, $1000, $1200, $600, and $2000. In 2020 a bumper crowd of 3000 attended.

Last year(2021) despite restrictions induced by COVID-19 lockdowns, the Mudrun raised us$30 000 because of the support of the corporate sector. Mitchell praised the work of KidzCan and appealed to the corporate sector to continue supporting KidzCan through the Mudrun.

“It was a no-brainer to partner with KidzCan simply because we believed in who they were and what they did and the element of transparency.

“Every dollar raised through the Mudrun goes to KidzCan, so we are a 100% charity. Every avenue of income generation through the event goes directly to KidzCan and we are very proud of how they go about using it. So my message to every corporate is trust KidzCan and who they are,” said Mitchell. “These children never asked for cancer, they never lived a life that brought cancer by unhealthy living,” said Mitchell.

KidzCan provides different services to childhood cancer patients which include clinical care, advocacy and case management.
The services also include chemotherapy drugs, CT and MRI scans, prosthetics, admission and discharge packs. Provision of trans-
port allowances is another critical service that ensures patients do not default on treatment.
All the services are provided free of charge.


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