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    1 Will my child be completely cancer-free after treatment?

    The earlier the stage at diagnosis, the better the chances of eradication. The type of cancer also determines recovery. Some cancers are more aggressive than others and different children may react to the same illness differently. Ask your oncologist to explain further about your child’s condition.

    2 Which services does Kidzcan offer?

    Chemotherapy drugs, blood and blood products, CT and MRI Scans, transport allowances, supportive services (prosthetics, admission and discharge packs), counseling, and support groups. These services are also offered on an individualized basis according to need. KidzCan is striving to ensure that all services are available within the public health system, therefore only outsources those services not available in the public health system. KidzCan does not cover hospital bills, the parent/caregiver is advised to make a payment plan with the hospital accounts department or engage with the social welfare department if need be.

    3 Am I allowed to seek further treatment outside the hospital?

    There is no documented evidence yet which shows that alternative therapies work. Hospital treatment has been proven to be effective so it is encouraged to visit the nearest health care provider early to seek early treatment.

    4 How can I get in touch with Kidzcan officers?

    The best way is to call the Kidzcan landline: 04-293 4168. This will ensure that you get in touch with an officer who is on duty at all times.

    5 What if my child requires emergency treatment whilst at home?

    Go with the child to the nearest health care provider, be it a rural health centre, council clinic or nearest hospital. Do not ignore signs of illness in your child in the hope that it will get better as the days go by. A referral will then be made to your usual oncologist if the illness is related to the child’s cancer.

    7 Does Kidzcan have a hospital?

    No. Kidzcan works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Care. Currently, Parirenyatwa and Mpilo Hospitals are the only referral hospitals where children with cancer are admitted, investigated, and treated. Kidzcan encounters children who have been referred to these hospitals but is working exceptionally hard to ensure that all children from the nation access this specialized care via early detection and awareness campaigns and reinforcing the referral system in the districts.

    6 What is palliative care?

    Often termed ‘tender, loving care’; it is a term loosely used in reference to the care of a terminally ill person. For children, it then becomes pediatric palliative care. The utmost comfort of the child is ensured, prioritizing effective pain management and good communication skills. Respect for the family’s wishes and spiritual preferences is also considered.

    8 My child has been amputated. What next for him/her?

    They may be continued on chemotherapy if there is need. Discuss with your doctor all the available options. Kidzcan can assist in the sourcing and payment of prosthetic limbs.