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There are many ways in which you can make a difference to children living with cancer in Zimbabwe.  By donating on one of these platforms, either locally or internationally.

Donate online via PayNow using Visa, MasterCard, EcoCash or TeleCash.

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*ECOCASH Instructions:

1. Dial *151# to access ecocash menu

2. Select Option 2: "Make Payment" & type in 2

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Kidzcan has an amazing team of volunteers who play with the children on the ward each weekday morning. Currently all positions are filled.

What we do

We seek to serve children and families affected by cancer as well as communities throughout Zimbabwe. We want to give practical expressions of the love, care and responsibility we have to each other as human beings, and strive to be humble and accountable in the way we work. We provide different services that include clinical care, advocacy and case management. We provide Chemotherapy drugs, blood and blood products, CT and MRI Scans, transport allowances. Under supportive services we source and provide prosthetics, admission and discharge packs.

Kidzcan conducts Paediatric Cancer Early Detection and Awareness Campaigns/Workshops which are currently being piloted in Mash Central. We advocate for subsidised private specialised medical/health services and promote paediatric oncology services within the public health system. Kidzcan does not only help the patients themselves but also their caregivers. We provide individual and group counselling to children, parents and care givers. Parent support groups are conducted once a week and children recieve play and learning materials. Our volunteers hold structured plays and a clown visits them every week.


Clinical Care

Kidzcan provides chemotherapy and other related drugs,blood products as well as prosthetics. We also source and pay for diagnostic services, that is, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Tests


Psychosocial Support

Kidzcan holds structured plays with children 4 times a week, Children are also given toys, books, candy, warm clothing and twice a week they are visited by a clown


Fund Raising

The organisation solicits for cash and kind donations from individuals, companies, corporates, organisations, schools and churches


Case Management

Follow up of children who miss they review dates is done weekly

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Kidzcan - There's a future

6 Natal Road, Belgravia, Harare
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+263 242 255739 (8:00 - 16:30)
Facebook: Kidzcan Zimbabwe

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