KidzCan Awareness Program


Over the years, KidzCan has embarked on robust awareness campaigns to stem childhood cancer in
a region that has predominantly been ignorant of the disease among children. Our relentless efforts
have paid off with the survivors’ list growing as we continue to give children the chance to fight for


Childhood cancer mortality rate remains high due to a lack of awareness of the disease in our
This coupled with other reasons like cheap alternative treatment in a setup that is largely religious
and traditionally oriented has resulted in a low survival rate against a constricted economy.
The survival rate in Zimbabwe, like most low to medium-income economy countries, is low in the
region of 20%. Contrast this with the over 80% in the developed world.
Most of our communities that withstand the worst of the disease are from financially disadvantaged
environments. This means that even when cancer strikes they cannot identify it, nor have they the
means to seek treatment early. At times when treatment is sought early, treatment abandonment
often happens as the winding treatment regime fatigues caregivers.


Early detection remains key in the fight against childhood cancer. This requires a holistic approach
that does not merely talk about the disease, but a practical methodology that spreads the message
in communities, schools, churches, shop floor, and event gatherings as well as training health
personnel in health facilities so the challenge is nipped in the bud.
For this reason, KidzCan Zimbabwe employs a multi-pronged system to remedy the escalating
scourge starting right from the grassroots.

Radio Awareness Programs

In September, the month of Childhood Cancer Awareness, KidzCan rolled out awareness campaigns through Mainstream Media. Radio Zimbabwe, National FM, and StarFM, are among the stations that participated. Some of the most popular presenters came through in support, reaching out to thousands in the process.

February Orange Month


Did you know that in 2023 44 schools participated in the Orange Month commemorations? During that period, KidzCan reached out to over 30,000 children in schools dotted around the country.Orange Month was born out of Orange Day, an occasion that traditionally used to be celebrated on the 15 th of February during InternationalChildhood Cancer Day.

KidzCan Activities


KidzCan’s programming involves multi-dimensional activities that not only fundraise but also spread
awareness on childhood cancer, as well as play an advocacy role. The activities are spread right
across the calendar year, enough to ensure a holistic address to targets.