Avondale Primary School Visit

KidzCan has increased its childhood cancer awareness programmes in schools in order to promote early detection and treatment, with the latest visit at Avondale Primary school.

Finance Manager Gift Marunda this week said KidzCan are determined to ensure that no child dies from cancer.

“We don’t want any child to die of cancer because it can be treated if presented early. This is why it is important for you to know about cancer.

“Cancer in children can be cured if detected on time, this is why we have come here to teach you about the various cancers that affect people of your age and how they show,” said Marunda.

Marunda explained that teaching children to give towards childhood cancer is teaching them social responsibility.

“The donations that you make towards childhood cancer help those in hospital so that they do not run out of drugs,” said Marunda.

Marunda explained that bandanas are used to cover the head because when one is sick and are on cancer treatment called chemotherapy hair sometimes falls off.

“Through wearing the bandana we become uniform thereby showing solidarity with our sick friends,” said Marunda.

The common cancers among children are eye cancer (retinoblastoma), kidney cancer (Wilm’s Tumour), blood cancer (Leukaemia), lymph node cancer (Lymphomas), bone cancer, cancer of the brain (brain tumour), and neuroblastoma.

In developing countries, which include Zimbabwe 8 out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer die compared to 2 out of 10 in the developed countries.

In their early years, children are full of curiosity and keen to learn about everything and anything.

This calls for children-specific cancer awareness programmes, the strengthening of diagnostic and treatment facilities and ensuring they have access to essential medicines.

On Orange Day, children attend school wearing orange and bring a donation that goes towards the treatment of paediatric cancer sufferers and their families.

The visit at Avondale comes in the wake of another one done last week at Celebration International School where the same message was delivered.

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