KidzCan provides different services that include clinical care, advocacy, and case management. We also offer Chemotherapy drugs, CT and MRI Scans and transport allowances so that patients do not default on their appointments. Under supportive services, we source and provide prosthetics, admission, and discharge packs. KidzCan Zimbabwe also conducts Paediatric Cancer Early Detection and Awareness Campaigns/Workshops which were piloted in Mashonaland Central. On top of this, we advocate for subsidized private specialized medical/health services and promote paediatric oncology services within the public health system. KidzCan Zimbabwe has a holistic approach where we not only assist patients themselves but also their caregivers.

We also provide individual and group counselling to children, parents, and caregivers. Prior to COVID-19, parent support groups were conducted weekly. Our volunteers would hold structured plays, and a clown would visit the ward every week. Additionally, children receive play and learning materials.

Kidzcan Team

The KidzCan team comprises of a mixed bag of people with different competencies and skills. The organisation has a lean staff structure and a rich base of volunteers who enable the day-to-day smooth running of the organisation. We are dedicated to making sure that children with cancer in Zimbabwe are given adequate help and support. Indeed “Employees are a company’s greatest asset, they’re your competitive advantage,” Anne M. Mulcahy

Daniel Mckenzie
Executive Director
Gift Marunda
Finance & Administration Manager
Charity Kawadza
Health & Programmes Coordinator
Nyarai Machinda
Finance & Adiministration Officer
Franciscar Maripfonde
Social Worker
Dimingu Banda
Health & Programmes Assistant
Prince Madombwe
Health & Programmes Assistant
Hayley Joseph
Kudzai Mtomba
Lianna Alfaneti
Administration Officer (Bulawayo)
Leonie Nyadombo
Regular Volunteer
Trish Kundiona
Regular Volunteer
Nedlia Chirovamhangu
Regular Volunteer
Philip Hondokosa
Communications Officer
Pamela Makanjera
Fundraising Officer
Kingston Musanhu
IT Consultant

Kidzcan Board

Kidzcan has 8 Board Members of diverse background whose main function is to establish the Vision, Mission and KidzCan Values. KidzCan, is led by an Executive Director who reports to the Board.

Andrea Whatman
Dave Mills
Daniel Mckenzie
Executive Director
Rob Maunsell
Board Member
Gary Cross
Board Member
Unaiswi Nyikadzino
Board Member
Simon Scott Elliott
Board Member
Dr Pamhidzai Madzima
Board Member
Jacob Mukamba
Board Member
Grant Mitchell
Board Member

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