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KidzCan Zimbabwe is now in partnership with St. Jude Global Alliance


St. Jude Global Alliance is a global movement in pediatric cancer that brings together individuals and institutions dedicated to the shared vision of improving the quality of healthcare delivery and increasing survival rates of children with cancer and blood disorders worldwide. 
Launched in 2018, St. Jude Global is committed reducing global disparities in access to care through the development of comprehensive initiatives in capacity building, education and research across seven regions.

We are here not for income, but for outcome

We seek to serve children and families affected by cancer as well as communities throughout Zimbabwe. We want to give practical expressions of the love, care, and responsibility we have to each other as human beings, and strive to be humble and accountable in the way we work.

We provide different services that include clinical care, advocacy, and case management. We provide Chemotherapy drugs, blood and blood products, CT and MRI Scans, transport allowances. Under supportive services, we source and provide prosthetics, admission, and discharge packs.

Kidzcan conducts Paediatric Cancer Early Detection and Awareness Campaigns/Workshops which are currently being piloted in Mash Central. We advocate for subsidized private specialized medical/health services and promote pediatric oncology services within the public health system.

Kidzcan does not only help the patients themselves but also their caregivers. We provide individual and group counseling to children, parents, and caregivers. Parent support groups are conducted once a week and children receive play and learning materials. Our volunteers hold structured plays and a clown visits them every week.


To have a compassionate world where children with cancer are given the chance to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. The team believes that before we can show love to others outside we should first be able to share it among ourselves and hence we are one big family that loves and supports each other.

Having grown from a mission of Northside Community Church, we have Christian roots and have precise values of love, empathy, and integrity and even though we are Christians ourselves we help all children regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or race.

We recognize that we do not have all the answers, the resources or the skills necessary to achieve our purpose. Hence we seek to work together with communities, clinicians, government, and organizations in a spirit of partnership, regardless of religion, ethnicity or race to make a meaningful difference.


Our mission is to increase the survival rate and ensure the utmost quality of life of children with cancer in a caring environment.

Our Team

The Kidzcan team comprises of a mixed bag of people with different competencies and skills. From having started off with just one member we have grown to have 9 board members, 15 full time staff and 50 volunteers. We are dedicated to making sure that children with cancer in Zimbabwe are given adequate help and support.

Daniel Mckenzie

Executive Director

Gift Marunda

Finance and Administration Manager

Nyarai Machinda

Finance & Admin Officer

Charity Kawadza

Clinical & Psychosocial Support Officer

Liana Alufaneti

Admin Assistant. Bulawayo Office

Philip Hondokosa

Communications Officer

Banda Dimingu


Prince Madombwe


Pamela Makanjera

Fundraising Officer

Leona Nyadombo

Front Desk Secretary

Franciscar C. Maripfonde

Social Worker

Camryn Hunter

Graphic Design ICT Intern

Our Board Members

Andrea Whatman


David Mills

Board Chairman

Daniel Mckenzie

Executive Director

Vinita Goyell

Board Member

Unaiswi Nyikadzino

Board Member

Gary Cross

Board Member

Rob Maunsell

Board Member

Dr Pamidzai Madzima

Board Member

Jacob Mukamba

Board Member

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