200 Attend Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign

Preparatory School in the south- Eastern Province of Zimbabwe in Masvingo for the Jay–Day commemorations. This day is in commemoration of  Janisha Patel who was Mr Raju Patel’s daughter. At the age of 12, then a Grade 7 pupil at the school, she was diagnosed with bone cancer and succumbed to it in 2012 after a two-year battle. Mr Patel attends the event every year and is a well-known philanthropist who was buoyed by the pain he faced when his daughter died, more so, given the predicament of those who continue to face the childhood cancer scourge, The day has been set aside to raise awareness on childhood cancer. Zimbabwe, like many low-medium-income countries, has a survival rate of around 20% while in contrast, the Western Developed world is in the region of 80%.

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