12-year-old with sickle cell gets help from KidzCan

KidzCan Zimbabwe has donated a pair of crutches to 12-year-old Edwin Mukonza who suffers from sickle cell. Edwin was first diagnosed of sickle cell in January 2021. He has been suffering from a swollen left knee, which has impeded his ability to walk. He is the second born in a family of four children and lives in Mtawatawa in Mashonaland East.

KidzCan Zimbabwe handed the donation to him at Parirenyatwa A4 Special Ward where he is receiving his routine chemotherapy treatment. The crutches are to assist him to move around independently.

“I am so grateful to KidzCan for the crutches as walking has become really difficult with the swollen leg,” thanked Mukonza after the donation.

Sickle Cell is a genetic disease and a type of anemia that causes red blood cells to change their shape from round to crescent shapes. This will cause the shaped cells to interconnect and result in blood clotting. These blood clots will result in excruciating pain in the back, chest, hands and feet. Poor blood flow can also cause damage to bones, muscles and organs. Sickle cell disease also causes fatigue. The whites of the eyes and skin often have a yellowish colour.

KidzCan supports child cancer and blood disorder patients with free medical drugs and transport fares to ensure they do not miss their appointments at the hospital. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Sickle cell disease (SCD), or sickle cell anaemia, is a major genetic disease that affects most countries in the African Region.

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