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In spite of the very cold Sunday Morning, the Jenny Calderwood Walk/Run was well attended.

In spite of the very cold Sunday Morning, the Jenny Calderwood Walk/Run was well attended. The 5 km and 10 km run started shortly after 9am, with the theme, I Run for Life. Peter House Group of Schools has shown love, sincerity and kindness by holding this event in many years and each year more and more is done!

Peter House Boys hosted the 2016 event, while Peter House Girls hosted the 2015. Special mention to Springvale, Ruzawi, Hellenic, Hillcrest and other schools represented for participating. As usual Peter House Girls showed their commitment, and had a small swim in the dam before proceeding with their run (and arriving even earlier than some runners like the Kidzcan Director who arrived a few minutes shy from 2 hours for a 5km run).

Gratitude to Kidzcan staff and volunteers. Special mention to Sandra Murawa and Jane Rusero who were present during the Gold Day/evening and the Jenny Calderwood Walk/Run which were back to back. We are pleased by their sincerity and spirit comradeship, as they define themselves with Kidzcan.

The Jenny Calderwood walk is not only a Fundraising event, but for many years is a Cancer Awareness Campaign, more so Childhood Cancer. Many children have lost the fight to cancer, however, there are many of us who can make sure we help them fight with hope and greater hope, by contributing to their care and support.


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