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Art for a Cure a private event hosted by Phyllis George at her homestead to support Kidzcan

Art for a Cure a private event hosted by Phyllis George at her homestead to support Kidzcan featured local artists and craftsmen who auctioned their works of art to the public. Phyllis George works for the American Embassy in Zimbabwe, and is a friend of Esther Islink from Kiki’s who is a dear friend of Andrea Whatman (Kidzcan’s Founder). The event featured a number of renowned artists including Lin Barrie, Barrie Lungu and Patrick Mavros who are also friends of Kidzcan.

A total of 11 children and 3 care givers had a fantastic time. The children played all afternoon on the jumping castle, and also had their faces painted. Each one of them went home with a gift-goodie bag which was stocked with snacks, chips, drinks and toys and toiletries.

Kidzcan also received a donation of toiletries, clothes and jewellery as well as paint which was auctioned during the Howard Gordon Memorial Golf Day. The event raised $2 000 in cash.


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